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A friend or a Like? Libraries and a Facebook presence

I have noticed a trend recently on Facebook of libraries using personal profiles and wanting to friend me. It is kind of a strange and awkward use of Facebook for outreach. Yes I agree that libraries should use Facebook to … Continue reading

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#LibDay5 A Day in the Life of Librarians

Many libraries this week are posting about their daily activies as a snapshot project called LibDay, which is the reason for the cryptic hashtag in the title of this post.  I am not yet a librarian by job title but … Continue reading

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Frustrated by DRM and Libraries

I am a frustrated user of e-books and audiobooks. I have an iPod so I can listen to audiobooks. I did check out one using the downloadable audio at my library but I had to free up a good bit … Continue reading

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Congress passes Federal Library Agency Act

I came across this article in this month’s Library Journal and it talks about the details of the new law and what it means for different federal agencies. This law is an attempt to centralize many of the library functions … Continue reading

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Alexandria Library: A Comparison

The Royal Library at Alexandria housed one of the greatest collections in the ancient world.  It was allowed flourish under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty.  This library worked to collect important works from the ancient world in one place. … Continue reading

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Academic Libraries

I posted my intro and all other info on my homepage under the class roster. So I wll just start this blog with assignment 2.  1.I personally believe that higher education still has an extremely important role in our country … Continue reading

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