Digital Library Project: Stage Musicals 
This presentation was a collaborative effort for a course in Digital Libraries


Diabetes Public Information Poster

This poster was prepared as a project for a course in reference sources and services.

Created by: Melanie Slan, Christa Smith, Stephanie Spisak, Kelly Tarlton, Reed Thodeson, Lucy Tinsley, Kelly Vadney, Theresa Wagner

The purpose of the poster presented here is to assist patrons in finding helpful resources on type 2 diabetes.  South Carolina has one of the highest rates of type 2 diabetes in the nation.  Thus, it is important to provide patrons (type 2 diabetics, and caregivers of people with type 2 diabetes) the information they need to cope with this serious disease, which is primarily managed by the patient.  The resource center will include community resources in the Bluffton, SC area, as well as resources available at the Bluffton branch library. These resources include Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource instructional program and professional speakers provided by the library.  Also included are community outreach programs and resources from health care organizations in the area.  The library wants to provide patrons with the ability to find authoritative resources on type 2 diabetes and organizations that can provide health care and support to patients and their families.  By using the information presented in this poster, patrons will be able to quickly access information on type 2 diabetes.  The skills they acquire through this information can also translate to other information seeking procedures that can be used in the future.  The goal of this program is to raise community awareness and usage of the public library’s resources and to support families in the library’s area of operation.


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