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Displaced in the STA

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to put in some hours at a busy regional branch. The Main library where I work had to be closed for a few days for repairs. The staff scheduled for that weekend headed … Continue reading

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Bibliographic Instruction: More important than you may think…

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in and observe a few bibliographic instruction sessions at the CofC library. One was for a freshman English class, one for Cognitive Psychology and the other for a business course on Managing … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the Reference Desk…

Part of my internship is working on the reference desk at the CofC library. I have been doing this mostly in the evenings and not seen much reference activity. However, this week my reference skills were tested. I have worked … Continue reading

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Taxes: It’s that time of year again…

Well it’s that time of year that I mostly dread: tax season. It’s not that my own personal taxes that are well “taxing” but rather that I seem to be bombarded with questions regarding the tax code, forms and where … Continue reading

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Internship: Week 2 Thoughts on PASCAL and ILL

Part of my internship at the Addlestone Library is working in the Interlibrary Loan office. A large function of that office involves circulating books through the PASCAL network (a cooperating network of SC academic libraries for resource sharing). I have … Continue reading

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The King’s Speech: A must see

I don’t usually blog about movies on this space but I thought this one deserved to be singled out.  The King’s Speech is a biopic depicting the relationship between King George VI and an Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue. The … Continue reading

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Life as an Intern @ CofC Library: Week 1

Day One- I am doing my internship in the reference department at the College of Charleston, my Alma mater. The first night I spent some time pulling books to be sent out to other libraries on the PASCAL network. This … Continue reading

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BarcampCHS Newbie!

So I have just attended my very first unconference. It was very different than what I expected but I loved it and since I did not bring my computer with me, I am writing one big entry for everything. (I … Continue reading

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SCLA Conference 2010: Advocacy from the Ground Up

Now that I am back from the conference and have had a few days for my brain to chew over the info, I decided to write about it. This was my second state conference and loved being able to see … Continue reading

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A friend or a Like? Libraries and a Facebook presence

I have noticed a trend recently on Facebook of libraries using personal profiles and wanting to friend me. It is kind of a strange and awkward use of Facebook for outreach. Yes I agree that libraries should use Facebook to … Continue reading

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