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sound-city-poster01As a huge music geek, I was ecstatic when Dave Grohl unveiled his documentary Sound City last month. I am a long-time Foo Fighters fan so I heard about through one of their e-mail blasts. After viewing the trailer about this now-defunct recording studio, I immediately bought the film from iTunes so I could watch it. I was blown away on just how many bands recorded at Sound City over the years. Some of my favorites: Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers just to name a few.

A few weeks later, I discovered that the film was going to be shown at The Manship Theater, part of Baton Rouge’s Shaw Center for the Arts. Even though I had already watched this film at home on my computer, I jumped at the chance to watch on a big movie screen. I went with a few friends who were seeing it for the first time. I absolutely loved watching this movie with other music fans of all ages. We laughed and applauded at the same moments. Specifically, when one of the guests interviewed spoke of the state of music today, everyone clapped because we were all in agreement.

Many of the albums made today are done using ProTools. I can understand why the industry has leaned towards this model from a business side: it’s affordable. There is just less money flowing at record companies now. But I also see the rise of technology in music as a good thing. A kid can create music and put it out there so easily now and I think that’s great. I just wish perfection wasn’t the ideal in music today. In the film, Dave Grohl talks about keeping the human element in music. I completely agree. I don’t love my favorite bands because there are the best singers or guitar players. I listen, buy albums and go to concerts because they have something to say and as a listener, I want to experience their humanity.

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