The Art of the Raconteur

This past Friday night, I had the opportunity to attend a storytelling event called The Unchained Tour. The Moth, a storytelling network, traveled around the Carolinas to celebrate the art of the raconteur or storytellers. It was a mixture of stories and music from different performers.  I went to this show because one of their guest was best-selling author Neil Gaiman. I was able to meet him for a minute and get my Unchained Tour CD signed and he is a lovely man!

The evening was a celebration of stories, books and the independent bookstore. Many thanks to Charleston’s Blue Bicycle Books for hosting this event. Acclaimed author, George Dawes Green, founder of the storytelling network The Moth, came on stage and gave a sermon-like talk about the religion of books and stories.  I feel like I underpaid for the experience (tickets were on $20). I loved that the raconteurs took the audience on a journey with their stories. This troupe tries to “keep it local” so i was glad to be able to support that endeavor. I do sincerely hope they do another tour next year. Check out this promotional video from this group

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