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Recently, I have discovered a fantastic new television show at the perfect time. NBC’s Grimm just returned from summer hiatus last week. I remember hearing about this show as a “one to watch” from last fall’s freshman shows but had not gotten around to watching it. I was able to devour the complete first season just in time for the Season 2 premiere. It is a police procedural but with an added supernatural elements. In the pilot, Nick Burkhardt, is a police detective in Portland who starts to see normal-looking human morph into supernatural creatures. Nick has inherited this “gift” of being able to see these creatures, called “wesen”, and is charged killing the bad ones.

As a child of the 90s, I grew up on the sanitized Disney versions of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. I remember looking up the original fairy tales later and falling in love with them. I thought they were so much darker and scarier than the animated movies I saw as a child. This show takes those fairy tales and brings them to life as if the Brothers Grimm were criminal profilers, documenting their encounters with the “wesen”. David Greenwalt (of Buffy and Angel fame) is co-creator and executive producer of Grimm. After watching the show, it has a similar tone of his previous work. The show also features lots of actual German words in the names of the different creatures. My family has a strong German ancestry and I studied it in college so this aspect of the show really excited me. Confession: I had to look up most of the words to see what they meant though. Kudos to the dialogue coach because the pronunciation of the actors are dead on.

I feel like the landscape of network television is flooded with police procedural programs but this one adds some twists and turns that make it very entertaining to watch. During the first season, Nick deals with solving crimes, killing wesen, and keeping his Grimm identity a secret. Not always an easy task. I am fascinated by how the show re-tells my favorite stories. Take a peek at the teaser for Season 2. Also, NBC is really trying to welcome newcomers to the show so they also published a free ebook available here. (I’m still amazed that something this good is on NBC!)

Grimm Season 2 Teaser

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