Library Day in the Life Project: Round 8

This post is a part of the semi-annual Library Day in the Life Project coordinated by Bobbi Newman AKA Librarian by Day. I think this may be my third time participating but this is round 8 for the entire project.

Today started off well in a panic, albeit a mild one. I was supposed to work the reference desk with another librarian this morning. While I was doing the opening procedures, I was told that our only Periodicals staff member had called out sick. So I went down to gather the daily newspapers to prepare them for patron use. I don’t normally do this so I had to check our procedures to be sure I didn’t forget something. Several months ago, the Periodicals department was merged with Reference due to staffing shortages. For the most part, it works fine. It’s just one of those things: if you don’t do it everyday, it’s not burned in your brain.

I had my regulars come to the reference desk for the daily newspapers. It always nice seeing the same people everyday. I spent some of the time between patrons updating the Facebook page for the library and checking news and Twitter for interesting things to post.  I found a few and scheduled them for later in the day. I have so many things on my plate that multi-tasking in this way is a necessity.

After my first 2-hour desk shift, I went to the back office to assist processing the incoming ILL materials to go to the branches. Most of our Interlibrary Loan requests get sent out from the Main Library. This is still time-consuming because we do it “by hand.” My library just recently purchased ILLiad and we have been using it for the Lending requests but have not yet implementing it entirely. Hopefully, we will be completely implementing ILLiad soon and it will make ILL workflow so much faster. (I can’t wait!)

I spent my second shift of the day working the telephone reference center. We field all the phone calls for the Main Library and act as a switchboard to direct callers to the right department. Recently, we have been getting lots of calls about our new downloadable content. Helping patrons with these new technologies has its rewards and annoyances as many patrons on very different skill levels.

I also needed to make sure that our tax forms had been replenished from the weekend. We receive common federal and state tax forms for patrons to come and pick up. In recent years, we have ordered fewer and fewer as many opt to file online. But we provide for those who want to use print tax forms. Another staff member is in charge of this, but I was helping in her absence. Believe me, I would rather not spend time doing this. Anytime ask me about tax forms, I of course tell them what we have but also inform them of the free tax help and electronic filing options.

Well that was my day! I also tweeted when I remembered if you want to check my timeline @ChaslibraryGirl


Processed a bit of the new nonficiton books!


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