To TwitPic or Not?

The popular phot sharing service for Twitter, Twipic, has been in the news lately because it was announced they would be selling users’ pictures to third parties to be used in ads. I am not sure about your average consumer feels about having their photos be free game for TwitPic to sell. This is enough of an imposition for me to completely dump using the service. I have been using TwitPic since I started using Twitter in early 2009. However, the idea of Twitpic selling my pictures for financial gain is very troubling, so I have opted to use the new service Lockerz (formerly Plixi) to share my photos on Twitter. I settled on this one for two reasons. 1. It is one of the photo services supported by my chosen mobile app Echofon.  2. I don’t want to use Flickr!

Now, I would have more photo sharing options available to me if I would switch to the Twitter for iPhone app. However, I have grown accustomed to Echofon and don’t really like the other features of Twitter for iPhone. So I am resistant to switch. Time will tell if this opinion changes.  While looking around the internet, I did find other photo sharing services that might replace Twitpic. Here are a few that I like:

1. Twitgoo: I like this service if I am using the web but not so much if using my iPod or phone. However, it is supported on quite a few apps, listed here.

2. Lockerz : I like this app because it is supported on my favorite iPhone app Echofon. But it also offers rewards for sharing photos you were going to post anyway.

3. yFrog : I like this site because you can do photos and video in ne place and sign in with your current Twitter username. Also, it is supported by multiple mobile apps like.

It seems unfortunate that Twitpic has decided not to give its users an “opt out” option and is just going to sell their photos. I think its important that people are aware of this before they post to Twitpic. I don’t be using the popular phrase “Twitpic it or it didn’t happen!”

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I am a reference librarian currently working in North Carolina. I have always been passionate about history, education and the value of books in all of their forms. I also love how quickly we can access information through the immediacy of the web, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to growing in my chosen profession.
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