Do you “like” your library?

It is such an odd thing to think of whether you like your library or not? Of course we do, many tell me that they love their library. Over the past several years, many public libraries have reached out to their patrons on Facebook. Since Facebook changed the terminology from “Become a fan” to “Like”, it makes us ask “Do you like your library?”

In 2011, having a Facebook presence is pretty much a requirement for any organization. Libraries cannot be excluded from this; in fact, they should jump at the chance to reach out to patrons. Back in 2008, I started a page for the Charleston County Public Library. Before that, I had started a group but it wasn’t really a great format for an organization like the library. So I was glad when Facebook started to offer pages for businesses and organizations. I have been using Facebook since its launch but I learned quite a bit about social media outreach. Here are just a few:

Best Practices for Facebook for Libraries

-Don’t just be a broadcast channel. Really try to share a variety of topics to your members. In addition to posting news and events, really try to engage with people on different topics.

– When posting a long update, like in a note, add a catchy title and an interesting picture. This can help it pop more when people see in their news feeds.

– Create a page for you organization, not an individual profile. Pages have better tools for organizations such as multiple Administrators, updates and not limits on number of members. For more on this see this previous post A Friend or a Like?

– Create a Welcome Page for your Facebook page. This can be set as a landing page for those who visit your page but not yet a member of your page. This should be tweaked on a regular basis. Since Facebook changes the layout of Facebook pages, you may need to change the dimensions of your Welcome Tab.

– Join other libraries similar to yours in size and focus.Librarians are notorious for stealing from one another. Put this to your advantage. Also, join other community organizations that may also give you ideas and share their information with your patrons.

Helpful Resources for Libraries on Facebook:

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I am a reference librarian currently working in North Carolina. I have always been passionate about history, education and the value of books in all of their forms. I also love how quickly we can access information through the immediacy of the web, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to growing in my chosen profession.
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