Thoughts from the Reference Desk…

Part of my internship is working on the reference desk at the CofC library. I have been doing this mostly in the evenings and not seen much reference activity. However, this week my reference skills were tested. I have worked reference for quite some time but in a public library setting. Students tend to ask more in depth research questions. I was able to put my experience and knowledge to work. I had been a bit nervous just because this was a new environment for me but I found my footing rather quickly.

I had one pair of students looking for a source on the Aiken-Rhett House. After checking the catalog, there were several good one in the Special Collections area of the library. But of course, true to form, the students needed the information right now and Special Collections wa closed. I was able to find them an article that would suffice for their assignment. (Thank you Architecture LibGuides!)

After doing reference work for years, I have learned that experience is one of the best teachers. You only get good by getting asked questions and working out answers to them. I am so thankful that I get to experience this in an academic setting. Also, all those years of conducting my own research and consulting reference librarians is starting pay off.

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