Life as an Intern @ CofC Library: Week 1

Day One- I am doing my internship in the reference department at the College of Charleston, my Alma mater. The first night I spent some time pulling books to be sent out to other libraries on the PASCAL network. This took longer than I thought as I have not used the LC classification system in some time.
I also spent some time pulling reference books that were to be weeded from the collection. Nothing is a better workout than lugging lots of reference volumes from the shelf. My allergies didn’t like it but I am suffering for my art.

Spent some time on the reference desk with one of the reference librarians. It was very quiet in the library probably because classes had just started that day. C of C had to delay the start of classes by a day due to the winter weather on Monday. Needless to say, that meant a pretty dead library. I am sure things will pick up.

Day two- When I got to the library this evening, I only had a few books to pull. I did not have mch else to do this evening. I spent more time on the reference desk this evening. I was able to answer a few IM reference messages. CofC uses a slightly different system to receive messages than we do at CCPl. They use an open source software called Pidgin which is fairly easy to use. I like how they keep a detailed account of IM Reference questions where you can indicate subcategories of the reference interaction.

Day Three- This was the day that I got to come into the library during the day. I met the rest of the ILL staff and got an introduction to the PASCAL system. This is cooperative network among the academic libraries in South Carolina. It is a way to borrow and lend book through a system separate from Interlibrary Loan. I was introduced to the headaches of printing individual labels for this system. The labels are generated in a web-based system but is very time-consuming. In my opinion, the system could be updated to be more efficient.

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