Social Media Strategy Workshop

Every month the library hosts a Small Business & Nonprofit Networking Lunch. This is a chance for people who work with nonprofits and small business owners to get together and learn new strategies to help in their specific roles.  Each month, we try to bring in speakers that will be of interest to this group of people.

This month we had two marketing professionals come in to talk about developing a social media strategy for one’s business or nonprofit. I was in attendance as part of my role in managing social media for the library. I also recorded the session for my first attempt at a vlog. The library purchased two Flip camera to do just that.

Cheryl Smithem and Ashley Caldwell came to do the presentation on social media strategy.  They touched on many things that I had read about concerning social media as a marketing tool. One important one was that traditional media are now turning to social media to disseminate content. I see it all the time. For instance, I follow one of the reporters from the local newspaper on Twitter, and his tweets are how i get most of my local news. Also, many news stories are developed because of the information posted on Twitter.

Another point that resonated with me that they touched on was the importance of directed users/customers to original content on websites. Using social media is great but they emphasized that the content should live in more than one place. For instance, if you post a video to Facebook, it should also be posted to other sites and on the organization/company’s website. This point is not something I personally can implement because I do not currently have access to add content to the library’s website. Our website is not set up for hosting video content. So for the time being,  I am utilizing Vimeo for video sharing and Flickr for archiving.

I also like that Ashley pointed out that she did not like automation with the social networking sites. It may be convenient for some but in the long run it does not serve the purpose of social media. I used to use it when I was the only person updating the Facebook page. However, I have decided that is is better that not have automated among the different social networks, but to to tailor updates for that special network. Also, personally I do have my peronal Twitter linked to my Facebook account. This is more of a convenience to me. I know in my head that what I post on my Twitter will show on Facebook and so I have an automatic filter.

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