Planning Bibliographic Instruction

Academic librarians have a very crucial role when it comes to student instruction. Although many students should know how to use a library from their experience in school libraries, many have no clue once they get to a large university. They are unsure of what a primary source is and how to go about doing their research in a systematic way. This is where a good bibliographic instruction lesson can help the student to succeed especially in their first year.

University libraries are larger and have more access to electronic resources that many students may be unfamiliar with. Also, academic libraries use the Library of Congress classification system which is foreign to most students coming from a high school setting. Many of them may be familiar with the Dewey Decimal System but are unsure when they see a bunch of number and letters.

I enjoyed the instruction lesson that we were to write for our group projects. This is actually what I look forward to most in working in an academic library is teaching students how to use the library to their greatest benefit.

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